Type Air
Price 800 gold
Level Unlocked 12
Speed 2
Min Damage 10
Max Damage 13

Beakster is an Air-type in Monster Life.

Gameloft description

Gameloft includes a brief description of Beakster on their Monster Life mini site:

One of Beakster’s loves in life are sunny days – they’re perfect for taking a long leisurely flight around numa! Though he mostly eats seeds, Beakster has a big soft spot for pizza with extra anchovies. There’s just something about those salty little fish that he can’t get enough of!


Before a battle, Beaksters will constantly flap their wings, and flutter a few feet from the ground before landing(and he repeats constantly), if the battle begins, the Beakster will have an angry looking face and continuously flap it's wings. If the battle is won, it will cheer with its beak wide open.

When pet, Beaksters laugh and bend down so you can pet them.

When tapped, they will chirp in joy, and peck at the glass on the screen.

Style of attack

Commonly, the Beakster will fly high in the air, then swoop down to peck its enemy. another common attack is for the Beakster it just come up to the enemy and peck him/her. It's critical hit is for it to turn big, fly high in the air, and come crashing down on the enemy.


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