Boosters are Buildings that provide Monsters on a Ranch with an XP bonus when they have the Need attached to the Booster met. For instance, the Jack-in-the-Box is an Entertainment booster, and it adds 1xp. If a player buys the Jack-in-the-Box and places it on their Ranch, their Monsters will all gain an additional 1xp every time they're played with. 

Boosters can be purchased in the game Shop; some with gold, others with friend stones, and others using crystals. They can also be won as a prize when you play the Lottery. Most Boosters are always available in the Shop, but there are some that only become available during special sales or holidays.

The experience bonuses granted by Boosters stack on top of each other. So having multiple Boosters of the same Need (even if they're the exact same Booster) will add up and provide a bigger bonus.

List of Boosters

Booster Need Type Bonus Experience Shop Price
Horn Amphoras Feed Desert +4 2600 Goldcoin
Target practice Archery Range Train Medieval +2 1500 Goldcoin
Armory Armory Train Medieval +6 120 Crystal
Oven Bakery Feed Medieval +5 2100 Goldcoin
Basket Basketball Entertain Desert +6 120 Crystal
Bath Baths Clean Desert +5 2600 Goldcoin
Milkbath Bathtub Clean Desert +2 1500 Goldcoin
Bowling Bowling Entertain Desert +4 2600 Goldcoin
CandyBowl Candy Bowl Feed Halloween +2 40 Crystal
CoffinBath Coffin Bath Clean Halloween +3 400 Fstone
Dracofountain Dracofountain Clean Asian +5 3000 Goldcoin
Feast Feast Feed Thanksgiving +10
Fireworks Fireworks Entertain Asian +3 1500 Goldcoin
Fruit tree Fruit Tree Feed Desert +6 120 Crystal
Gym-bench Fitness Bench Train Desert +4 2600 Goldcoin
Globe Globe Entertain School +2 200 Fstone
HockeyNet Hockey Set Train Christmas +10 12000 Goldcoin
Jack Jack-in-a-Box Entertain Medieval +1 800 Goldcoin
Karatekit Karate Blocks Train Asian +3 2100 Goldcoin
Kites Kites Entertain Asian +5 3000 Goldcoin
Lunchbox Lunchbox Feed School +2 40 Crystal
Mechoui Mechoui Feed Medieval +1 800 Goldcoin
Merry-Go-Round Merry-Go-Round Train School +4 600 Fstone
Noodleshop Noodle Shop Feed Asian +5 3000 Goldcoin
Pingpong Ping Pong Entertain Asian +6 3000 Goldcoin
Publicbath-ASIA Public Baths Clean Asian +3 2100 Goldcoin
SushiShop Sushi Shop Feed Asian +2 1500 Goldcoin
Target Target Train Medieval +1 800 Goldcoin
Toothbrush Toothbrush Clean School +2 1600 Goldcoin
Puppet Theater Entertain Medieval +3 2100 Goldcoin
Lavoir Trough Clean Medieval +1 80 Goldcoin
Well Well Clean Medieval +6 120 Crystal
     A Booster that is only made available during Thanksgiving

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