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Type Earth
Price 100
Level Unlocked 1
Speed 3
Min Damage 5
Max Damage 8

Diggster is an Earth-type Monster in Monster Life.

Gameloft description

Gameloft includes a brief description of Diggster on their Monster Life mini site:

Diggster is a big fan of, you guessed it, digging. She’s so good at digging that she’s actually created a whole series of underground tunnels that allow her to travel from place to place! Diggster is also a huge music fan who likes to shake her tail to any hip new pop record she can get her paws on!

it is lizardster's best freind.


before a battle, diggsters will constantly look around. (repeat) in a battle, he will put on an angry face, and put his paws out like fists.

Attack style

Oftenly, a diggster attacks by swiping his claws onto an opponents face, another attack is to dig underground, the jump up and surprise the enemy, just like the crabbster. his critical hit is to turn big, the slam onto the enemy.
IMG 3166

a diggster being pet

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