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Type Fire
Price 2400 Crystals
Level Unlocked 1
Speed 2
Min Damage 27
Max Damage 32

Dragster is a Fire-type Monster in Monster Life

Gameloft description

Gameloft includes a brief description of Dragster on their Monster Life mini site:

Dragster may look like a little guy, but he’s got a big appetite! His favorite foods are spicy ones – he puts so much hot sauce on that he’s almost breathing fire! He also enjoys fresh fruit smoothies and coloring.

He is the 3rd most powerful monster after starster and reindeerster. but because of the cost in crysatals, most players can't afford for the Dragster.


Dragster will spit out fire when tapped. he will constantly fly around and land on the floor again.

As an enemy

The player will have to face 3 dragsters in the end of story mode. and constantly face him when the chaos master battle is coming.

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