Friend stones

Friend stones (also known as f-stones) are one of the three types of currency that players use in Monster Life, along with gold and crystals. Friend stones aren't as easy to collect as gold is, but they're only difficult to earn if you don't have friends (referred to as "Neighbors") in the game. Friend stones are used to purchase Monsters, Boosters, and Attractions in the game, and are also used to boost monster stats in battle.

The easiest ways of earning friend stones are by interacting with your neighbors, but you can also earn them in smaller amounts by interacting with random players. Players are awarded friend stones in varying amounts when they do any of the following things:

  • Adding a new neighbor to your ranch
  • Liking a neighbor's ranch
  • Having a neighbor like your ranch
  • Petting/Tapping/Shaking monsters on a neighbor's ranch five times in a visit
  • Having a neighbor Pet/Tap/Shake monsters on your ranch five times in a visit
  • Sending gifts to neighbors
  • Receiving gifts from neighbors
  • Liking a random ranch
  • Petting/Tapping/Shaking monsters on a random ranch five times in a visit
  • Winning a pack of friend stones in the Lottery, the amount depends on the player's level.

A player's currency display in Monster Life.

With enough neighbors, earning friend stones isn't difficult, however they can also be purchased with real money. By clicking on the plus sign next to your currency displays on your home screen, you are taken to a screen where you can purchase Crystal, Gold, and Friend Stones from your device.

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