Gold is one of the three types of currency that players use in Monster Life, along with friend stones and crystals. Gold is the easiest to collect of the three, and it doesn't require interaction with other players to earn. Gold is used to feed, entertain, clean, and train Monsters; and also used to purchase Monsters, Boosters, and Attractions.

Earning gold

There are numerous ways of earning gold while playing the game. Different activities will earn more gold than others, but many of them are easy to do and can be preformed frequently.

  • Placing Attractions on your ranch
  • Winning battles against Monsters on the Map or in the Training Grounds
  • During battle, collecting gold dropped from a monster that receives damage
  • Earning Trophies
  • Petting/Tapping/Shaking Monsters on your own ranch, a neighbors ranch, or a random player's ranch
  • Accomplishing missions under the Goal menu
  • Receiving gold as a gift from one of your Neighbors
  • Earning a level of experience
  • Reselling Buildings on your ranch
  • Another possible way of earning gold is to buy something that is 90% off, when it's not on sale anymore, sell it, you'll earn more gold.

A player's currency display in Monster Life.

Like all forms of currency, gold can also be purchased with real money. By clicking on the plus sign next to your currency displays on your home screen, you are taken to a screen where you can purchase crystals, gold, and friend Stones from your device.