Habitats are one of the three types of Buildings in Monster Life, and are places that Monsters can live after they've left the Nursery. While Monsters can be placed on any kind of Habitat, they receive an experience bonus and a recharge bonus if they're placed on a Habitat with the same Element.

Habitats can be purchased in the game Shop; some with gold, others with friend stones, and others using crystals. They can also be won as a prize when you play the Lottery. Only three monsters can be placed on a particular habitat at one time. Most Habitats are always available in the Shop, but there are some that only become available during special sales or holidays.

Experience bonus

When a Monster has its Needs met, it gains experience. If that Monster is on a Habitat with the same element, it will gain an additional amount of experience depending on which Habitat it's on. For instance, Hornster is a water monster, and the Lake is a water habitat that provides a bonus of 1xp. When Hornster gains experience, he'll gain one additional point if he's on the Lake.

Recharge bonus

After a Monster has fought in a battle off of the map, there is a period of time that needs to pass before it can enter into another battle. This downtime is known as "Recharge." If a Monster is on a Habitat with the same element, then its recharge will be reduce by a certain amount depending on what Habitat it's on. For instance, if Mothster (an air monster) is on an an Air Statue (an air habitat), his recharge will be reduced by 2%. If that Mothster is in a Battle with a recharge of 5 minutes, it will actually be ready for another battle after 4 minutes and 54 seconds.

List of Habitats

Habitat Element Type Bonus Experience Bonus Recharge Shop Price
Statue Environment Air Statue Air Desert +2 -2% 640 Goldcoin
AutumnOven Autumn Oven Fire Thanksgiving +10 -10% 280 crystals
Babylon garden Babylon Water Desert +4 -5% 2560 Goldcoin
Lake Environment Basin Water Asian +5 -7% 5120 Goldcoin
Birdhouse Bird House Air Medieval +10 -10% 160 Crystal
Castle Castle Earth Medieval +3 -4% 1280 Goldcoin
Cherrytrees Cherry Trees Earth Asian +2 -2% 640 Goldcoin
Clearing Clearing Earth Medieval +1 -1% 320 Goldcoin
Dragon Dragon Fire Asian +5 -7% 5120 Goldcoin
Fire-camp Fire Camp Fire Desert +6 -8% 90 Crystal
FireDungeon Fire Dungeon Fire Medieval +1 -1% 320 Goldcoin
Fire-temple Fire Temple Fire Desert +4 -5% 2560 Goldcoin
Magician tower Fire Tower Fire Medieval +3 -4% 1280 Goldcoin
Fountain Fountain Water Medieval +3 -4% 1280 Goldcoin
FunPool Fun Pool Water School +6 -8% 1200 Fstone
GeyserLand Geyser Land Fire Outdoors +3 -4% 8000 Goldcoin
Gym Gym Earth School +3 -4% 300 Fstone
HauntedHouse Haunted House Fire Halloween +2 -2% 1280 Goldcoin
Hot-spring Hot Spring Water Asian +10 -10% 280 Crystal
Lake Lake Water Medieval +1 -1% 320 Goldcoin
Mountain Mountain Air Medieval +1 -1% 320 Goldcoin
MountChi Mount Chi Air Asian +5 -7% 5120 Goldcoin
Oasis Oasis Water Desert +2 -2% 640 Goldcoin
Pagoda Pagoda Air Asian +3 -4% 1280 Goldcoin
PumpkinVillage Pumpkin Village Earth Halloween +10 -4% 2560 Goldcoin
Pyramid Pyramid Earth Desert +6 -8% 120 Crystal
Ravine Ravine Fire Asian +2 -2% 640 Goldcoin
Desert peaks Rock Spikes Earth Desert +4 -5% 2560 Goldcoin
SantasHut Santa's Hut Earth Christmas +10 -15% 280 Crystal
ScienceLab Science Lab Fire School +2 -2% 1280 Goldcoin
Sphinx Sphinx Earth Desert +4 -5% 2560 Goldcoin
WisdomTree Wisdom Tree Air School +3 -4% 50 Crystal
Zen-garden Zen Garden Earth Asian +5 -7% 5120 Goldcoin
     A Habitat that is only made available during Thanksgiving
     A Habitat that is only made available during the Winter Holidays

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