Type Water
Price 200 Gold
Level Unlocked 3
Speed 2
Min Damage 15
Max Damage 19

Hornster is a Water-type Monster in Monster Life.


Hornster is a monster that you get near the beginning of the game. At stage 1, Hornster has a very small horn, and very small arms. The white spot on his chest does not go completely down its body. At stage 2, the monster grows bigger arms, tail, and feet. The horn gets bigger, too. The white spot now goes completely down its body, and it grows spikes on its head. At stage 3, it grows an even bigger horn, the white spot gets wider, the spikes grow bigger, and finally, Hornster gets a bowtie and a few buttons to give it the penguin-like look.


When not fighting, a Hornster will walk around it's habitat and stop to look at the player. When pet, Hornster will bend down and make an affectionate sound. When tapped, Hornster will wave at the player, making a cute sound.

Style of attack

Hornsters will blow ice/water at it's enemy, otherwise kick at it.

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