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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


This template is used to create tables for galleries that serve as indexes. The template accepts three parameters:

  • The first parameter is required and must be "start" or "end", signifying its position.
  • The second parameter is optional and specifies the table's background color, and it must be specified in the template preceding the gallery to have an effect.
  • The parameter "text" is optional an specifies the text at the top of the gallery, otherwise it defaults to a standard message. It must be specified in the template preceding the gallery to have an effect.


<gallery source="template" captionalign="center" orientation="landscape" spacing="small" widths="150" position="center" bordersize="none">
Twilight Sparkle pondering S1E01.png|[[Twilight Sparkle/Gallery/Season 1#Friendship is Magic, part 1|Friendship is Magic, part 1]]
Main ponies activated the Elements of Harmony S01E02.png|[[/Season 1#Friendship is Magic, part 2|Friendship is Magic, part 2]]

Result: Template loop detected: Template:Indexgallery

Template loop detected: Template:Indexgallery

Visit Template:Indexgallery/doc to edit this text! (How does this work?)

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