the Map is where the main story begins, it features the chaos, and varities of battles.
IMG 3173

the Numa

there are certianly 4 places on the map: the numa, the Red Reef, the Crystal, and at last, the Great Barrier.

the Numa

the Numa is where the player starts off at the beginning, also including a torament. the last level is where the show-off Tom Board battles you with a level three diggster, a level 3 Whipster and a level 2 whipster.
IMG 3177

Tom board when you start

IMG 3188

when you defeat Tom Board

first battles feauture Handys training sessions, starting with a Hornster, a Diggster and a Whipster. the second part is the tornament, ending with the show-off Tom Board.

the Red Reef

IMG 3174

the red reef

the Red Reef is the second stage of the adventure, storngly featuring the scissor brothers and the Dark keeper, who are attacking the player for the whole time. the player may have a little trouble with valcumster. first battles are battles against the scissor brothers, then the find the Dark keeper
The dark keeper

the Dark keeper in the second island

, (below), who appears to be a girl with purple hair and green eyes. the last battle is against the Dark keeper.


the Crystal is where there are annoying knights and a lord, who doesn't let the player pass the island, they also capture sally, who the player has to save in the end.
IMG 3175

the crystal

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