The Behavior policy guidelines on this page are meant to help new visitors understand how to helpfully contribute to the community with a positive/impartial tone. This wiki should be a place where a community can be built around discussing and sharing information about the game. Everyone's opinion and contributions are equally important, and it's important that all areas of the site are respectful and inclusive of all of them.



  • The comment sections on each page may be used for the same purpose as talk pages, but using it for long-term wiki discussion is discouraged, since comments are prone to get overwritten by redirects when their parent page is renamed. Such overwritten comments may be deleted, and individual comments may be restored to their original state upon user request.
  • Harsh language, content inappropriate for all audiences, and language involving realistic violence will not be tolerated in any form. While all opinions are valued and equally valid, comments that are abusive or argumentative in nature will be deleted.

Wikia policies

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