Type Earth
Price 30000 Gold
Level Unlocked 10
Speed 2
Min Damage 15
Max Damage 25

Pumpkinster is an Earth-type Monster in Monster Life. Pumpkinster was made available for purchase in the Monster Life shop during the month of October. he was officinally added into the game later.

Gameloft description

Gameloft includes a brief description of Pumpkinster on their Monster Life mini site:

In addition to being a fantastic fighter, Pumpkinster is also an incredible keyboard player! After chaos is banished from the realm for good, Pumpkinster hopes to start a pop band and bring the gift of dance to all the tamanos in numa!


Before a battle, it will sway back and fourth, constantly looking around. During a battle, he attacks by throwing his head at the opponent, biting them or slapping their face.

Attack style

Oftenly, Pumkinsters attack by kicking and biting, they perform critical hits by throwing their head at their opponent.


A pumkinster is good use against a Vaccumster, due to it's fast speed and attacks that cause major damage (15-25). it is also good against Diplodosters.

You may find them annoying when the are against you, an air type monster with a speed of 3 usually works well.


  • the pumkinster's head isn't connected to his body.