Type Fire
Price 2,000 Gold
Level Unlocked 25
Speed 2
Min Damage 12
Max Damage 14

Rockster is a Fire-type Monster in Monster Life.

Gameloft description

Gameloft includes a brief description of Rockster on their Monster Life mini site:

There’s nothing that Rockster loves more than the awesome crunch of a distorted electric guitar (although well-worn leather jackets take a close second!). Rockster would love to take up the guitar himself, but all his spare cash goes to hair gel – after all, it’s hard to keep a pompadour during battle! If you were to ask him what he doesn’t like, he would probably say “rules, man. Rules.


When petted, Rockster will make a noise "he he he he he". If tapped, rockster will ride a rocket and jump off of it as it blastes off. before a battle, it will glance around constantly.

he makes "he he he" noises and is like "eheheheeee" when defeated. he constantly makes "he!" noises.

style of attack

Its critical attack is that rockster will spit out a HUGE rocket to hit his enemy, also, he kicks and throw bombs as well.



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