The shop is where you buy different types of monsters, attractions, boosters, and other types of buildings.


You can use gold, crystals, or friend stones to buy items from the shop.


There are 5 different categories of items at the shop:

Featured- Items that are bought a lot by players.

Monsters- Most monster eggs can be bought here. Note that better monsters cost more gold, crystals or friend stones to buy.

Habitats- Most habitats can be found here. Habitats are the areas your monsters live in. Each habitat has a different element specializing in that type of monster. If you place, let's say, a Whipster, (a fire-type monster) on a fire habitat, when you give it needs, it will earn bonus XP. Some habitats also take away some recovery time.

Boosters- Most boosters can be found here. Boosters are special buildings that specialize in a need. If you place a target (training booster) down, all monsters will gain bonus XP when their training need is taken care of.

Attractions- Most attractions can be found here. Attractions are building that generate gold after a certain amount of time.

Currency Shop

The Currency Shop is where you buy currency with real money. The following packs can be bought:


Normal Gold Pack- 2,640 gold- $1.99

Big Gold Pack- 7,920 gold- $4.99

Huge Gold Pack- 18,480 gold- $9.99

Enormous Gold Pack- 42,240 gold- $19.99

Monstrous Gold Pack- 118,800 gold- $49.99

Ultimate Gold Pack- 265,320 gold- $99.99


Pile of Crystals- 40 crystals- $1.99

Sack of Crystals- 120 crystals- $4.99

Bucket of Crystals-280 crystals- $9.99

Chest Full of Crystals- 650 crystals- $19.99

Wagon Full of Crystals- 1,800 crystals- $49.99

Avalanche of Crystals- 4,000 crystals- $99.99

F-Stones (Friend Stones)

Pile of F-Stones- 200 F-Stones- $1.99

Sack of F-Stones- 600 F-Stones - $4.99

Bucket of F-Stones- 1,680 F-Stones- $9.99

Chest Full of F-Stones- 3,800 F-Stones- $19.99

Wagon Full of F-Stones- 10,800 F-Stones- $49.99

Avalanche of F-Stones- 24,000 F-Stones- $99.99

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