Type Air
Price 500,000 Gold
Level Unlocked 60
Speed 2
Min Damage 21
Max Damage 25

Starster is an Air-type Monster in Monster Life. Starster became available for purchase in the shop during the second week of December.

Unlock level

When Starster was originally released, its unlock level was 50. After the Circus content was released, it's unlock level was raised to 60, as that became the new maximum level in the game.

Gameloft description

Gameloft includes a brief description of Starster on their Monster Life mini site:

Most Tamanos want to grow up to be stars, but Starster was born one! When she's not dazzling her friends with her brilliant personality and sharp wit, you can find her studying astronomy in Numa's library. She hopes to be an astronaut one day so she can meet other stars like her!


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