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The Training Grounds (sometimes also referred to as the Boxing Ring) is a feature in Monster Life that allows players to coach wild Monsters in battle rather than their own. By visiting the Training Grounds (next to the Nursery and Lottery bell on a player's Ranch), the player can fight in three rounds of battles every day.

Battle format


This prompt displays when a player is starting their third day of battles.

The Training Ground is set up into three day cycles. If a player wins three rounds, they can play another three rounds the next day for bigger rewards. The third day of battles brings the biggest rewards, and then the cycle restarts. Players earn Player XP and Gold for each battle they win. Typically, the first round of the day has the player coaching a one-on-one battle, the second round has the player coaching a team of two, and the third round has the player coaching a team of three.

Failing to win a round does not mean the player needs to start over, and also doesn't meant the player is done in the Training Grounds for the day. The only penalty is that they'll need to try winning the round again before they're able to move on to the next battle in the Training Grounds.

Unreleased monsters

Occasionally, Gameloft will make unreleased monsters available as wild Tamanos in the Training Grounds before they can be purchased in the Shop. This allows players to coach and fight against unreleased monsters before they can actually own them themselves. An unreleased monster appearing in the Training Grounds has no connection to how long it will take them to actually appear in the shop.


  • If you surrender in the middle of the battle(in the training grounds, and not when the monsters have 0 hp left) then the round will pass as if it didn't happen.
  • If you don't battle for a day, you'll start over from the first day again.

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